Keyboard Layout

How to remember the keyboard layout of the alphabet

I will tell you how to remember the character arrangement of a general QWERTY keyboard. First, take a closer look at the keyboard layout of your personal computer. You can remember half of the keyboard layout with the pun “ZAQ XS were rtyu poi". If you look closely at the remaining keys, you will notice that “CDE", “FGH", “JKL", and “MN" are arranged in “Alphabet song order". Once you reach that point, all you have to do is remember “B" and “V". how to remember the keyboard layout

Fingering training of Ring finger and little finger

Typing practice using this ZAQ method is also ideal for fingering training of the ring finger and little finger, which are difficult to move freely, so please practice repeatedly. * The ZAQ method is a “keyboard layout memory method" originally devised by this site.

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