Miracle Adding

English has a useful usage that allows you to express more complex meaning simply by adding words to the end of a sentence. Here we call it “Miracle Adding". This is a grammar that native speakers use a lot, so let’s master it.

Grammar points are as follows.

・"Miracle Adding" is completed just by adding a word at the end of the sentence

・The following 3 additional patterns
“end of sentence + with + noun"
“end of sentence + adjective or past participle"
“end of sentence + verb ing"

・You can add 2 or 3 and more words
・However, “Miracle Adding" has one condition. Added words must be overlaped in time

Now, let’s practice “Miracle Adding" by pressing buttons below. You need to be able to understand the meaning in English. Once you get used to it, replace it with various words in your head. Let’s exercise again and again until you can respond to various situations!

positive play
she I we you
←past usually now future→
x Q why
no money lose weight think about that
problem hungry not cry
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