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Publisher Zaku XS
Residence Kanagawa, Japan
Profession Web engineer
Site history Published in 2013 / Renewed in 2021
Purpose of publishing “Diversity". I think that perspective is most necessary for society now.
Men, women and LGBT. Old people, middle-aged people and young people. Office workers, housewives and NEETs. Both healthy and disabled people. Both slim and fat. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, American, Black. Both rich and poor. Both genius entertainers and resurrection entertainers. Both IT engineers and IT tone deafness. I want to aim for a society where all those people can be happy. I want to contribute at the entrance. With that in mind, I created this learning site.
That’s because there is always an opportunity to write a cohesive sentence in daily life, and typing is an essential skill.

And being able to touch-type, there is joy and satisfaction in itself.

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