VOA English Words

Typing practice with both benefits

VOA (Voice of America) is a national broadcast operated by the United States government. It is characterized by using plain vocabulary and grammar for non-native English speakers, and it is said that mastering the basic English words 1,500 will enable daily communication. Due to its founding background, it has a lot of political, military, and scientific vocabulary, but its compact package is ideal as a practical English learning material for working adults. “1,420 words", which excludes obvious words such as “it", “the", and “he" from the 1,500 words, are classified by initials and recorded as typing practice materials. Work on typing and learning English in a relaxed mood while listening to music and drinking coffee.

How to learn VOA English typing

The English translation of English words is displayed at the top of the form, so please translate it into the correct English words and type in the form. The correct English word is displayed at the bottom of the form. When you have learned the meaning of English words, turn off the toggle switch at the top right of the form. By doing so, the correct English words will be hidden, so you can improve your English skills at the same time while learning typing.

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