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ice n. frozen water
idea n. a thought or picture in the mind; a belief
identify v. to recognize someone or something and to say who or what they are
ignore v. to pay no attention to or refuse to consider
illegal ad. not legal; in violation of a law
image n. a reproduction of the appearance of a person or thing
imagine v. to make a picture in the mind; to form an idea
immediate ad. without delay; very near in time or place
immigrant n. a person who arrives in a country to live there
import v. to bring from another country; n. something brought from another country, usually for sale
important ad. having great meaning, value or power
improve v. to make better; to become better
incident n. an event or something that happens
incite v. to urge or cause an action or emotion, usually something bad or violent
include v. to have; to make a part of
increase v. to make more in size or amount
independent ad. not influenced by or controlled by another or others; free; separate
individual n. one person
industry n. any business that produces goods or provides services; the work and related activity in factories and offices; all organizations involved in manufacturing
infect v. to make sick with something that causes disease
inflation n. a continuing rise in prices while the value of money goes down
influence v. to have an effect on someone or something; to cause change
inform v. to tell; to give knowledge to
information n. knowledge; facts
inject v. to force a fluid into, such as putting medicine or drugs into the body through the skin
injure v. to cause harm or damage to a person or animal
innocent ad. not guilty of a crime; not responsible for a bad action
insane ad. mentally sick
insect n. a very small creature, usually with many legs and sometimes with wings
inspect v. to look at something carefully; to examine, especially by an expert
instead ad. in the place of; taking the place of
instrument n. a tool or device designed to do something or to make something
insult v. to say something or to do something that makes another person angry or dishonored
intelligence n. the ability to think or learn; information gathered by spying
intelligent ad. quick to understand or learn
intense ad. very strong; extremely serious
interest n. what is important to someone
interfere v. to get in the way of; to work against; to take part in the activities of others, especially when not asked to do so
international ad. of or about more than one nation or many nations; of the whole world
intervene v. to come between; to come between in order to settle or solve
invade v. to enter an area or country by force with an army
invent v. to plan and make something never made before; to create a new thing or way of doing something
invest v. to give money to a business or organization with the hope of making more money
investigate v. to study or examine all information about an event, situation or charge; to search for the truth
invite v. to ask someone to take part in or join an event, organization or gathering
involve v. to take part in; to become a part of; to include
iron n. a strong, hard metal used to make machines and tools
island n. a land area with water all around it
issue n. an important problem or subject that people are discussing or arguing about
n. (noun) a name word
v. (verb) an action word
ad. (adjective/adverb) a describing word
prep. (preposition) a word used to show a relatio
pro. (pronoun) a word used in place of a noun
conj. (conjunction) a joining word

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