Words starting with J

Typing Start

Based on the concept of “learning English and practicing typing at the same time," we chose VOA English words as the material for typing practice.

On this page, you can practice touch typing with English words starting with “J". The meanings of the words are also posted at the bottom of the page, so please use them for learning English.

How to learn VOA English typing

The English translation of English words is displayed at the top of the form, so please translate it into the correct English words and type in the form. The correct English word is displayed at the bottom of the form. When you have learned the meaning of English words, turn off the toggle switch at the top right of the form. By doing so, the correct English words will be hidden, so you can improve your English skills at the same time while learning typing.

List of VOA English words “J"

jail n. a prison for those waiting to be tried for a crime or for those serving sentences for crimes that are not serious
jewel n. a valuable stone, such as a diamond or emerald
job n. the work that one does to earn money
join v. to put together or come together; to become part of or a member of
joint ad. shared by two or more
joke n. something done or said to cause others to laugh
judge v. to form an opinion about; to decide a question, especially a legal one; n. a public official who decides problems of law in a court
jump v. to push down on the feet and move up quickly into the air
jury n. a group of people chosen to decide what is true in a trial
just ad. only; very shortly before or after the present; at the same time; what is right or fair
justice n. the quality of being right, fair or lawful
n. (noun) a name word
v. (verb) an action word
ad. (adjective/adverb) a describing word
prep. (preposition) a word used to show a relatio
pro. (pronoun) a word used in place of a noun
conj. (conjunction) a joining word

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