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No. word(s) description
1 at prep. in or near
2 because prep. for the reason that
3 before prep. earlier
4 except prep. but for
5 for prep. because of
6 from prep. having a person, place or thing as a beginning or cause
7 in prep. inside; held by;contained by; surrounded by; during
8 of prep. made from; belonging to; about; connected to; included among
9 on prep. above and held up by; touching the upper surface of
10 since prep. from a time in the past until now
11 through prep. in at one end and out at the other; from front to back; from top to bottom; with the help of; by
12 to prep. showing the direction of an action; showing the person or place toward which an action is directed; showing a goal or purpose
13 toward prep. in the direction of; leading to
14 under prep. below; below the surface of; less than; as called for by a law, agreement or system
15 with prep. along or by the side of; together; using
16 without prep. with no; not having or using; free from; not doing